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Mockumentary 'Fell, Jumped or Pushed' captures delirium of indie filmmaking

Filmmaker Todd Peters sends up amateur documentary filmmakers in his meta-mockumentary “Fell, Jumped or Pushed.” He takes jabs at his bumbling characters, including a version of himself, but it’s a mostly gentle skewering. Peters stars as;Lights Film School blog is a resource for independent filmmakers who are looking to learn how to make videos, films  Indie filmmaking blog. Become a better filmmaker.;The Star asked five people attending the Prime Time national networking conference in Ottawa for some practical advice on landing a job in filmmaking, television or digital platforms.;Summer Filmmaking camp & Video Editing classes for kids & teens. Beginner to advanced courses in Film Production and Special FX, Premiere, After Effects.;So sit back and relax and enjoy my video essay and make sure to watch till the end as I  Also visit the free Film School Group at: Film School Filmmaking Subscribe, you can;Browse Film Making pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket.  film making Videos (23,435 results). Pictures.

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Complete Filmmaking Course: Filming & Editing Video Stories. Learn How to Make Movies with Smartphones.;The Filmmaking Process. How To Make A Video A Crash Course.  Lighting. How To Light a Scene. Making Your Video Look Like Film.;A Toronto group called We Make Movies Canada is out to get more movies made by women and other people who have historically been given limited access to the filmmaking process