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*Cooking times vary with size of artichoke, microwave and altitude.Carefully peel back plastic wrap. Pull off a leaf to check for doneness.Add another layer plastic wrap and microwave 5 minutes more if needed.;Concerned scientists raise worrying questions about our increasing reliance on a group of chemicals present in almost everything we use, from plastic water bottles to hairspray.;Is It Safe to Heat Food in Plastic? To get behind the hype, Good Housekeeping tested 31 containers, lids, bags, wraps, and liners. What we found was reassuring ;Marcy Borders, who has died aged 42 after a year-long battled with stomach cancer was fleeing the World Trade Centre on 9/11 when she became caked in dust from the falling buildings.;For a quick and healthy snack or side dish, artichoke can be cooked in the microwave. To start, you will need to cut your artichoke. Then, you can cook it in a microwave-safe container that's wrapped in plastic. Let your artichokes cool before e;The motorist was pulled over by traffic police in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, on Sunday, when officers also found a passenger lying beneath a set of wardrobe doors inside the red vehicle.

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Nov 29, 2011 ·Originally plastic wrap was made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Many plastic wraps still are, including those used in catering and professional kitchens.;1. Check if it's microwave-safe. Perhaps the most basic rule, but also the most important. Check to see if that plastic wrap or container is noted to be microwave-safe.;High level of stretch provides maximum load-holding; Great for professional movers and warehouses; 80 gauge plastic has a lot of stretch to really hold the load protected;Kiren Chauhan and Brandel France de Bravo, MPH 2011. Emails continue to circulate about the dangers of using plastic wrap in the microwave. One version of the email ;Be very careful when you initially remove the plastic wrap, as the steam will be extremely hot. I'd recommend waiting a minute or two after removing the dish from the microwave before trying to open it, just to be safe. To test for doneness, The