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Ricoh GR-1V GR-1 V GR1V 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only Silver Ricoh GR-1V Silver Body. 70-79%25 of original condition. It may have dents, dings and/or brassing.;Another thing, Kodak also proclaims Ektar 100 to be a very easily scannable film, which is probably aimed at bridging the gap between film and the digital world.;Before Ektar was around, Kodak’s finest-grain film came in the form of their professional Ektachrome E100G, and Kodak’s literature on Ektar explains that the new film was developed with foresight in regard to the relationship between;Ektar is a Kodak color negative professional film, formerly branded as a semi-professional film. The brand was reintroduced in 2008 as a professional film offered in the 100 ISO format.;NEW YORK (AP) — Kodak, a brand once synonymous with photographic memories, is creating an app meant for highlighting special moments such as birthdays.Kodak Alaris, the company behind the new Kodak Moments app, believes its app can separate;Hiddleston’s research into character of Dr. Robert Laing involved a day dissecting corpses to help illuminate film based on J.G. Ballard novel.

Kodak Ektar 100 Color Negative Film

11/22/2016 · It's been a long time coming, but here's my follow-up video on Kodak's Ektar 100 color negative film. Ektar Photos: https://.flickr.com/photos/erikewahlst;Ricoh GR1v, Kodak Portra 400. The output of film cameras mostly depends on 2 key factors, the optics and of course the type of film used. And the GR1v impresses in this respect with its good set of optics, add in an excellent film like the Kodak;Specifications. The Ricoh GR1v is a compact 35mm point-and-shoot film camera. It features a Ricoh GR 28mm F/2.8 lens. Focusing is handled via a passive multi-autofocus (with available manual control and focus lock), and is equipped with an;Eastman Kodak Co., one of the world's most recognizable film suppliers, finalized agreements with Hollywood studios to keep celluloid in the future of film.