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It's no accident that Tom Hardy's face is obscured in his most famous roles. Director Christopher Nolan said Hardy can do more with his eyes alone than most actors ;While Tom Hardy is best known for a handful of high-profile roles, his filmography is far more eclectic than his blockbuster projects might suggest, and 2016’s ;As the best and brightest in Hollywood get ready to celebrate at the Oscars tomorrow, the British Academy of Rubbish Films and Terrible Acting has revealed the worst films and actors of the year.;He's been hard at work over the last year filming his period drama Taboo.  But Tom Hardy's latest scene appeared to be his most gruesome to date as he sported a face smothered in fake blood.;Tom Hardy works best when his face is 80% covered  So he wanted to up the ante for his next film with Tom, which perhaps explains his role of a gas-mask-wearing spitfire pilot in Dunkirk.;The Code. If you’re not paying attention, you might just miss Tom Hardy in this little-known 2009 heist film.  This may be cheating, since Peaky Blinders isn’t technically a film at all, but this BBC Two production is one of Hardy’s

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Film blog Buy one, get one free: actors' best double roles, from Michael Fassbender to Cate Blanchett.  Film blog Hot guys wanted: Chris Evans, Tom Hardy who's next for CBeebies Bedtime Stories?;> The 10 Best Tom Hardy Movies You NeedWorking steadily between films, television, and theater, Tom Hardy is anHere are the top 10 Tom Hardy films that best ;Uncompromising, unflinching and unquestionably Britain’s modern day version of Marlon Brando. ShortList’s Andrew Dickens meets Tom Hardy;A look back at Tom Hardy’s Films.Tom Hardy has lent his acting talent to many genresLet's take a look at the actor's biggest films and best roles so far. ;Tom Hardy has made his first appearance since welcoming his second child his first with wife Charlotte Riley as he showed his face at the Triumph Motorcycles Global Bonneville Launch.