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Blowing dust closes I-10 stretch between Arizona, New Mexico

PHOENIX Blowing dust caused the closure of a 62-mile stretch of Interstate 10 between southeastern Arizona and New Mexico for about two hours.;Vincent's Film Slitters. Pictures presented in stereo are for parallel eye viewing.  This slitter allows the slitting of 35mm film into two rows of 9.3mm wide film for minox cameras.;Intro: Instamatic Film Slitter. Make a nearly free film slitter. Cut cheap 35mm film down to submini and 110 size.;A film slitter, sometimes also called film splitter, is a device used in subminiature photography to slit 135 or 120 roll film into 16mm film or Minox film for use in subminiature cameras.;Mommy is at its best when it’s letting its actors stretch;With a film slitter, you can get some amazing film into your submini, such as 2475 recording film, B&W or color infrared film, Tech pan, Agfapan 25 and Ektar 25.

A New Slitter Design

I wanted my slitter to be small enough to use in a changing bag. It consists of a "floor" covered with felt, and two "walls" 35 mm apart to guide the film.;Engineers at the University of Tokyo have created ultra-thin films with LEDs and electronics incorporated that flex and stretch with human skin. they have created a wearable display.