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A summary of our film processing services, including C-41, black-and-white, and E-6 film formats.;35mm Colour and B/W Film C41 Processing or Developing and Printing incl Disposable Single Use Cameras Kodak, Agfa, Fuji, Boots, Tesco or any brand of film;Boots closes 160 of its photography labs as demand for filmto offer the service and Boots says it will try to findstreet film processing lab ;Discover our Same Day Collect Service. Available online today at Boots. Collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every Pound you spend.;Minimum Charge: $3.50 Develop Only service (blank film). 110 & 126 C-41 Processing 4x5. Identical. First Set.;Film Processing in 1 Hour. Filmyou have the convenience of our one hour photo processing, instant printing service while you wait and our click and collect

35mm film processing services in the UK

Film Processing. From the moment you leave us your films with us we'll take care of  If your chosen store doesn't provide a same day service we can still take in your films and;Employees killed in Foxconn manufacturing factory.On Friday evening, an explosion in, China caused partial shutdown of a facility operated by, one of the world's biggest electronics manufacturers and a major supplier to companies like