Prescale Non-Toxic Prescale Pressure Measurement Film Fujifilm [United

Tactile Surface Pressure Indicating Film And

Sensor Products Inc. Is A World Leader In The Field Of Tactile Surface Pressure Measurement Sensors. Our Pressure Sensors Can Measure The Precise Pressure ;Pressure measurement film indicates applied pressure differences as red color density variations. From dentistry to industry, this Fujifilm technology finds wide ;Insert shaped Prescale Film into area to be measured and then apply pressure or force phenomenon. Remove impressed film and observe pressure distribution and magnitude.;Prescale makes pressure and a pressure distribution visible.Prescale Measurement Film Typical Application Fields ;Fujifilm Prescale Film also known as Fuji Pressure Film, Fuji Pressure Paper, Fuji Pressure Sensors, and Fuji Pressure sensitive tape is sensor that ;6. Rieck, B.; Paar, O.; and Bernett, P.: Intra-articu-lar pressure measurement. A new method for the use of pressure measuring film 'prescale'.

Fujifilm Prescale Pressure Indicating Film

This pressure sensitive film is coated with micro capsules that rupture when pressure is applied, generating a red color that can be evaluated on a color scale to measure a wide;Fujifilm Prescale, Fuji Paper, Prescale Pressure Indicating FilmSensitive Film Pressure Sensitive® Tactile Surface Pressure Indicating Film.;Fujifilm Prescale from Sensor Products is a world leader in the indicating film and sensitive film.;Prescale Pressure Indicating Film is a single-use film which reveals static pressure distribution and magnitude between any two mating surfaces.