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In the United States, packaging makes up about 30 percent of all municipal solid waste. Mindful of the environment and their bottom lines, companies are trying to reduce that.;Professional Packaging Systems is the oldest packaging distributor of equipment and materials in the Southwest. Pro Pac was founded in 1971 with our corporate office ;Secure your belongings with our industrial strength stretch wrap film. World Packaging Co., is the leading manufacturer and importer of sealing materials.;Pro Pac offers a wide variety of packaging equipment, packaging materials, and contract packaging services. Our packaging machines including Shrink Wrap Equipment ;Contact Pro Pac. Need high volume packaging equipment, packaging materials, or contract packaging services? Fill out this form or call us at 888-318-0083.;Make your zero-tolerance stance on unneccessary packaging known: it’s the best way to stop itIn the mid-noughties my inbox was full of images of shrinkwrapped fruit and veg: readers were incensed that supermarkets wrapped coconuts (which

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Polyethylene film is by far the largest volume packaging film family, and is available in high density, low density, linear low density, and metallocene variations.;Retailers are using potentially misleading packaging "tricks" to tempt shoppers into buying products they would not otherwise choose, a consumer group has warned.;Industrial Packaging Films Food packaging Printed packaging. Construction films CE certified films Converting films.;packaging film, 2 Matching Products View All Products. 155 Kallang Way #06-01/08 Kallang Way Flatted Fty S().;Shorr Packaging Corporation offers all packaging essentials in wholesale quantity including industrial stretch wrap rolls for packaging equipment.